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Camping in Triglav National Park

Camping in Triglav National Park

You haven't really been to Slovenia if you haven't visited Triglav National Park, and what better way to experience it than a camping adventure!

Triglav National park covers 4% of the territory of Slovenia. It is located in the North-Western part of Slovenia and covers the South-Eastern part of the Julian Alps. Here you can visit beautiful mountain lakes, explore alpine meadows and pasture, hike to the top of mountain summits, marvel at at beautiful emerald rivers, chase waterfalls and so much more! But you do need to adhere to the park's code of conduct.

Can you camp in Triglav National Park?

Yes, you can camp in Triglav National Park, but only in official campsites. Freedom or wild camping in Triglav National Park is strictly forbidden and you are not allowed to sleep in vehicles either.

Wild camping in Slovenia will get you a hefty fine. The fine for freedom camping in Triglav National Park can be up to 1000 euros. As tempting as it might be, you can't just pitch your tent anywhere under the starry night sky and you need to stick to the designated camping areas.

There are 4 options for camping in Triglav National Park:

1. Official campsites

There are a couple of dozens official campsites in Triglav National Park, and many more in its vicinity. Here you can find anything from unpowered sites, to RV parking, dorms, bungalows and even glamping options.

2. Motor home stop overs

If you're on a tight budget and travel in a camper these cheap overnight stops are a great option. While there aren't any in TNP, you will find them on the outskirts in Bled, Kranjska Gora and Planica.

3. Farm stays

Many farm stays also offer the option of camping on their property, or agrocamping. This is a fabulous way to get to know the locals and immerse yourself in farm life.

4. Network of mountain huts and bivouacs

While technically not camping, staying in mountain huts and bivouacs is the best way to experience the mountains of Triglav National park. And some will even allow you to pitch your tent on their premises.


Best campsites in Triglav National Park

The best places to go camping in Triglav National Park are Lake Bohinj, Trenta Valley and along the Soca river. You can also camp at the outskirts of the park near Bovec, Tolmin, Kobarid, Kranjska Gora, Mojstrana and Lake Bled.

These are the best campsites in Triglav National Park:

Camp Zlatorog Bohinj

With camping sites right at the shore of Lake Bohinj in the heart of TNP this camping site is hard to beat. Bohinj is also the perfect starting point for some of the best hikes in TNP.

Location: Ukanc, Bohinj Lake
from 11 Eur per person
Best because
you can camp right at the shore of Lake Bohinj and
In the area:
Triglav, Triglav Lakes Valley, Savica Waterfall, Vogar, Vogel, Mostnica gorge, Pokljuka, Zajamniki, fishing, cycling and much much more

Camp Korita, Trenta

This campsite is just a stone throw away from the Small Soca gorge and is perfectly located to explore Trenta and Soca valley. There are several hiking trails in the area as well as climbing walls and water sports on the river.

Location: Trenta Valley, Bovec, Soca Valley
from 9 Eur per person
Best because
you get to camp next to Soca river and access many of the surrounding trails
In the area:
Soca River & gorge, Bovec, Virje waterfall, Soca trail, canyoning, rafting and other watersports, climbing, bouldering, Mangart, Kanin, Vrsic pass

Camp Liza, Bovec

Camp Liza is walking distance to the restaurants and shops in Bovec and makes for the perfect base while you experience all that Soca Valley has to offer.

Location: Bovec, Soca Valley
from 11.50 Eur per person
Best because
you get to camp at the outskirts of Bovec town, the sweet spot between nature and the town’s restaurants, bars and amenities
In the area:
Soca River & Soca Gorge, Virje waterfall, Soca trail, rafting, kayaking, canyoning, zip line, climbing, Mangart, Kanin, Vrsic pass, Boka falls

Camp Koren, Kobarid

Located next to Napoleon’s bridge over Soca river is as close as you can get to the gorgeous Kozjak waterfall.

Location: kobarid, Soca Valley
from 12.50 Eur per person
Best because
you get to camp next to Soca river and explore the lower part of the valley
In the area:
Kozjak Waterfall, Tolmin Gorge, Napoleon Bridge, Cycling, Kobarid museum, Kosec Gorge, Beri Waterfall, Historical walk

Camping Bled, Lake Bled

Sitting at the foot of Lake Bled, this campsite offers a choice of tent sites, RV sites and glamping options.

Location: Zaka, Lake Bled
from 10.70 Eur per person
Best because
you get to camp in beautiful Lake Bled, just a few metres from the shore
In the area:
Bled Island, Bled Castle, Vintgar Gorge, Osojnica & Ojstrica hikes, Pokljuka, restaurants and bars, watersports, zipline and other thrilling adventures

Camp Špik, Gozd Martuljek

Just outside of Kranjska Gora this campsite is the perfect location to explore Triglav National Park from the Northern side.

Location: Gozd Martuljek, Kranjska Gora
from 13 Eur per person
Best because
you get some of the best views over Spik mountain and trails starting right from the camp
In the area:
Martuljek falls, Pericnik Falls, Vrata Valley, Zelenci Nature Reserve, Lake Jasna, Vrsic Pass, Tamar

Alp Glamping Village, Radovljica.jpg

Glamping in Triglav National Park

Glamping is a portmanteau (word blend) of glamorous and camping, and it means just that - glamorous camping! It is a fabulous way to experience camping in the national park without compromising on comfort and amenities.

While often providing many of the luxuries you'd find in a hotel or resort, glamping is a lot more eco friendly and more connected with nature.

These are the best glamping options in or near Triglav National Park:

bivak II.jpg

Mountain huts & Bivouacs in Triglav National Park

While not technically camping, staying in mountain huts will allow you to explore deeper into the park and experience those starry night skies you've been dreaming of.

There is a hut network of 41 mountain huts and 10 bivouacs in Triglav National Park and they really are the best way to escape it all and connect with nature. These huts and bivouacs are located in more remote locations, most of which you'll need to hike up to.

When staying overnight in any of the mountain huts or bivouacs you need to adhere to their house rules.

Most mountain huts in Slovenia are serviced and also offer food and drinks. When staying at the hut you can even rent their linen instead of bring your own sleeping bag. Hut prices for a bed in a dormitory start at 8.5 eur for PZS members and are capped at 28.5 eur for a bed in a twin room. It is recommended to book your stay in advance as huts on popular hiking routes fill up quickly during high season.

Bivouacs are by donation only and have limited facilities (usually just a sitting area and dorm-style sleeping quarters) and you'll need to bring your own camping gear. Bivouacs are meant as emergency shelters and it is not possible to book your stay.

Staying at a bivouac is as close as it gets to that feeling of connectedness with nature we usually seek in camping. You’ll get no electricity, no running water, no internet but plenty of views, stars in the skies and maybe even a visit from a mountain ibex or deer. In our oppinion it beats the often busy campsites and glampsites. Every. Single. Time.

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