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Hey you adventurer!

We are Tom and Zi, the creatives behind Craving Adventure. Welcome to our blog which aims to bring you all the insights on a life of travel, exploration and adventure. We want to help you travel more, and travel better.

We aim to inspire wanderlust, freedom and the courage to live your best life!

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Craving Adventure - New Zealand - Travel - Adventure - Couple - Van life - Beach - Blog

our story

It was hate at first sight.

Wait what?! Don’t you mean love at first sight? No, although hate might be a bit strong, our first encounter didn’t go very well.

We met in 2017 at a hostel in Bangkok, Thailand. It was an unfortunate encounter at the reception desk, filled with miscommunication and we did not make a great impression on each other then.

Later that day we ran into each other again at that same hostel and it turned out that it was all a big misunderstanding. We had a good laugh about it, shared a couple of drinks and found out that we actually get along really, really well.

And on our separate ways we went…

We spent a few fun-filled days together but both had plans leading us in different directions. Zi had a flight booked Laos and Tom to Vietnam.

While both having a good time on our own, we stayed in touch and soon decided that we wanted to see each other again.

… but couldn’t stay apart for long

Only four weeks after going our separate ways, we cut our travel plans short and met up again on the Thai Islands. We spent the next 3 weeks exploring the islands on a scooter, hopping from beach to beach and from cocktail to cocktail being blissfully in the present with each other, not thinking about the future.

But the future came, it always does. Annoying isn’t it?! For us this meant that Zi went going back to New Zealand, and Tom went back to The Netherlands. Literally on opposite sides of the world! End of story you think right?

Well… Keep reading.

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We Fell in love.

We tried to get back into the routine of our old lives, but something was missing. We were missing each other and realised that we were in love. Fast forward 3 very hard months apart, with video calls in the middle of the night (13h time difference does that) and Zi flew for 35 hours to the other side of the world so we could be together. Tom went completely overboard and welcomed Zi at the airport in a 3-piece suit, carrying chocolates, a massive heart-shaped balloon and an even bigger bouquet of red roses.

This is when we decided that we did not want to be apart again. But how? We had lives on opposite sides of the world, how could we make this work? Could we leave that all behind? That’s crazy! Insane! Madness! But there has to be a way, right?

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and chose A life of adventure!

Who would have thought that that strange encounter at the check in desk would end up throwing our lives around. We met briefly while on holiday and we fell in love. A love much stronger than any distance, career or the security of a home.

In 2018 we left everything behind, rejected familiarity and safety, and chose a life of uncertainty and adventure together. We have been travelling, creating and living our best life ever since. By combining our love for travel and photography we managed to create a life and a reality we love, and we’re here to tell that so can you!

We hope to spark your wanderlust, to help you travel more, to travel better, and to inspire you to always chase your dreams.


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