Craving Adventure is a travel blog and travel couple instagram account that aims to bring its community all the insights on a life of travel, exploration and adventure. The creatives behind Craving Adventure are Tom and Zi, a young couple of travel enthusiasts who love to inspire and encourage their community.


Craving Adventure’s mission is
to help their audience travel more, travel better and to always encourage you to take the path less travelled.

Sheraton collab

“Tom & Zi were super easy to work with. We were beyond amazed with the travel images they provided us during their stay at our resort. We highly recommend them to other hotels if you are looking for great quality images of real guest experiences.

— Crystal Palmer, Sheraton Beach Resort


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Tom and Zi have built an engaged community of followers and readers who love to travel. Through captivating storytelling, fresh and unique content, and high quality photography they influence and inspire people from all over the world to follow their dreams, travel more, take the path less traveled and to opt for authentic and unique adventures. Our work goes beyond exposure on our Instagram feed or blog. 

Tom and Zi are dedicated creatives with years of experience in marketing, branding and sales. We work as content creators with travel, adventure, fashion and lifestyle brands.

Zi is a seasoned graphic designer and marketing specialist. She picked up arts and photography already as a teenager and has developed an impeccable eye for that perfect composition and frame. Tom comes from a background in sales and account management. He’s a real people person and a drone flying wizz.


“Working with Tom and Zi of @craving.adventure was an absolute pleasure. Not only they delivered well above what is expected, but they’ve been one of the kindest and most professional people a brand can deal with. Thank guys for the amazing work that you do! Looking forward to working with you guys again soon!”



We partner with brands to create a vision that works for your company, for us, and for our community, and carry out those campaigns professionally and methodically. We can help you create beautiful photos (including drone and underwater) for your social media and marketing purposes or promote your brand to our community of fellow travellers on our blog and social media.

Our community is always asking for recommendations on destinations, activities and accommodation and we pride ourselves on always delivering to our communities and the brands we work with.

If you would like a media kit sent to you please email us to hello@wearecravingadventure.com


We take brand partnerships seriously. We want to create something we can be proud of, and that you will love!


Our Services

Our focus is on photography, content creation, influencer marketing and travel blogging. Our services include:

  • Professional photography

  • Drone footage

  • Guest blogging

  • Social media management

  • Press trips and destination marketing

  • Featured social media posts

  • Sponsored Instagam stories

  • Social media takeovers

  • Brand ambassadorship

  • Sponsored blog posts


One of our favourite travel blogging couples to visit Stevensons. They share excellent content, insightful and socially responsible messages and gorgeous photos ”



Wow! I the content looks magnificent, thank you so much! Your help has been really awesome and really appreciated. Thanks from the Stewart Island Flights team!

— Joel, stewart island flights