Hi, I’m Zi – a traveller, story teller and content creator. I travelled long and far but some of my favorite adventures are when I converted a campervan and explored New Zealand for almost a year, swam with sea turtles in Samoa, found hidden waterfalls in Sri Lanka, explored caves in Slovenia and busked in the sun on the islands of Croatia.

All along I have been working hard on this blog and my photography skills so that I can help you plan your travels and fuel your wanderlust.


Craving Adventure is a travel blog dedicated to the wanderers and adventurers out there, to the travellers in search of authentic experiences and to the explorers with itchy feet that can’t help but wander off the beaten path. Craving Adventure is for those of you who want to see the world a little bit differently (or like to day dream about it), and for those of you who are craving authentic experiences around the world.


Craving Adventure is a travel blog with a strong focus on adventure, offbeat travel, and authentic experiences. It provides in-depth destination guides and well thought-out itineraries to help you travel more, better, and more adventurously. Always encouraging you to take the path less traveled and to opt for authentic and unique adventures.

Through my raw and real GBUs (good, bad and ugly) I set clear expectations and give you an insider’s feel for the country, which is otherwise hard to get on a short vacation. Everything on Craving Adventure is based on my own experiences and I’m not afraid to speak up and tell the truth. I like to give you meaningful advice and set realistic expectations.

About Zi

Zi is the creative behind Craving Adventure. Travel and adventure have always been a big part of Zi’s life. She spent her childhood summers sailing around the Croatian islands and winters snowboarding in the Alps.

Before she even started Craving Adventure she already visited 20+ countries, lived in three of them and in six different cities across the globe. Zi took her first ‘solo’ trip when she was only 11 years old (summer camp in England) and one way tickets have become her norm. It’s safe to say that Zi has always been a travel enthusiast and a nomad.

Zi usually walks down the street with a camera in hand, edits photos or writes blogs late in the night, and spends hours on minuscule web design tweaks (she also holds a master’s degree in Communication & Media). She is a checklist kind of gal and loves planning and strategy, but crashing drones is her real superpower.

My why

For a little while we thought that mission statements and core values were only for big conglomerates and businesses with fancy office spaces but boy were we wrong! When your life and work intertwine as much as they do for us, it is extremely important to have a clear why and even clearer boundaries. These are the core values that keep us and this blog going.


Fun first and foremost

Life is supposed to be fun, to be full, to be grand. Craving Adventure is a big part of my life and as such it’s meant to be fun, enjoyable and inspiring! It’s only in this state of mind that I can truly deliver on my promise and inspire others.


Stay true and authentic

Yes, almost everything has been done before, but it hasn’t been done by me. Wherever I go, whatever I do, I infuse it with my personality and creativity. No faking, no deceiving – I stay true to myself and my values no matter what. I will never endorse a business or a product I don’t stand behind, no matter how much money I’d be turning down and I won’t advise you to visit an attraction I didn’t enjoy, no matter how popular.


Sustainability matters

I choose to make my travels, and life, sustainable and ethical. I support local businesses and communities, and companies and brands that care about the environment, animals and people. I aim to increase awareness on how everyone can travel (and live) better and more considerately. 


Travel slow and deep

I don’t believe you can ‘do’ a country, there’s always more left to see and to experience. Therefor I choose to travel slow and allow enough time to truly take in the culture, the smells, the sounds, and the views rather than just catching a glimpse and moving on. I choose to step off the beaten path and to explore the road less traveled for it is where the true magic happens. I’ll do the research for you and tell you about all the best spots and adventures so that you can get an authentic experience even on limited vacation days.


Sharing is caring

I hope to inspire you to travel and to live your best life. By sharing my travels and experiences with you, providing you with tips, guides and honest reviews so that I can kindle your wanderlust and help you have the best adventure ever. Through my blog I aim to create an inspired community of fellow travelers and dream chasers that help, support and empower each other. Are you in?