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Your guide to the mesmerising Lake Jasna

Your guide to the mesmerising Lake Jasna

Lake Jasna is made up of two interconnected artificial lakes at the confluence of Mala and Velika Pišnica just outside of Krnjska Gora, en route to Vrsic Pass.

Jasna lakes are surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Triglav National Park that get reflect in the clear blue waters. These views are hard to beat and you should not miss out on them!

Lake Jasna is a popular spot among tourists and locals alike. It makes for the perfect stopover on the way to Vrsic Pass or can be enjoyed as a relaxing afternoon by the lake. Here you can go for a swim, have a picnic, go fishing or go for a walk. There's even a little library by the lake for you to borrow books from.

The views

Pack a sandwich or order a snack from the little lakeside shacks and enjoy the view over the breathtaking Julian Alps reflected in Lake Jasna.

From Lake Jasna you get fabulous views over all the surrounding peaks which you can admire from the a 6-meter-high wooden tower. This tower serves as a vantage point, and a jumping platform for those brave enough to swim in the cold waters.

Walking paths around Lake Jasna

There are also several walking paths around the lake and along Pišnica river for you to explore. You can even walk the whole valley up to Krnica Hut.

You can walk along Pišnica into Kranjska Gora or the other direction towards Vrsic or the valley below.

The circular walk around Lake Jasna takes about 15 minutes. This walk wraps around the lakes and takes you over bridges, sandy beaches and wooden platforms that are perfect for sunbathing and enjoying the view. Lake Jasna really is all about the views!

Zlatorog statue

On the North, Jasna lake is guarded by a bronze statue of Zlatorog (Golden horn) the legendary alpine ibex with golden horns.

It is said that his golden horns are the key to a treasure hidden under Mt. You'll encounter this mythical creature in many places across Slovenia.

Swimming in Lake Jasna

The name Jasna derives from the Slovene word for clear, which is very fitting fo these incredibly clear waters.

The river Pišnica brings the cold mountain waters from the nearby peaks into the valley and rarely warms up over 12 degrees. However the lake water warms up in the sun making swimming enjoyable.

In summer Lake Jasna water temperature reaches 17ºC in the Southern lake and 25ºC in the Northern lake.

The viewing/diving platform is located in the Southern lake so be ready for a bit of a brain freeze if you decide to jump.

Jasna in winter

Lake Jasna often freezes in winter. It's not uncommon to spot people digging holes in the ice and going for very very refreshing dips here in winter.

Lake Jasna is a popular destination also in winter with well maintained walking paths, mulled wine and snow capped peaks.

Getting to Lake Jasna, Slovenia

There are several ways to get to lake Jasna. When driving, Jasna Lake is a popular stop along the Vrsic Pass road but it can also be reached on foot from Kranjska Gora.

There is a small carpark by the Northern side of the lake. It is protected with a ramp and parking costs 2 EUR per hour.

Lake Jasna is less than two kilometers away from Kranjska Gora and can also be reached by foot or bike.

There are three ways to get from Kranjska Gora to Lake Jasna by foot:

  • The sidewalk along the main road to Vršič. The road is very busy, especially in summer.

  • The path along Pišnica located between the main road and the river

  • The path on the other side of Pišnica, which is perfect in summer since it's mostly in the shade.

Where to stay in Lake Jasna

Because Lake Jasna is just a stone throw away from Kranjska Gora most will stay in this alpine village, however there is nothing better than waking up to these beautiful views at sunrise and staying near the lake is perfect if you'd like to enjoy all it's beauty at sunrise. There are several accommodation options in Lake Jasna but our favourite by far is Jasna Chalet Resort on its shores.

Other attractions nearby

Lake Jasna is located just outside of Kranjska Gora making it the perfect location to explore the surrounding area from or do some hiking in Triglav National Park.

We recommend you check out:

  • Vrsic Pass

  • Zelenci Nature Reserve

  • Martuljek Forest & Martuljek Waterfall

  • Pericnik Waterfall & Vrata Valley

  • Planica Nordic Centre (Worlds biggest ski jumping hill and you can even zip line down!)

  • Tamar Valley

  • Triglav National Park

Have you been to Lake Jasna? Would you like to go?
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